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September 19, 2019

Boots on the Ground-Sales in America

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In an era when Chimpanzees ran the world, the wild world of sales was born.

This primal, yet necessary evil hasn’t evolved much since then…  We’re still lugging around a heavy bag of our hottest goods, swallowing our pride for a simple ‘meh, we full up, friend.’ And that’s assuming you have a good product!

People in the wine business like to talk about the wine. The wine drinkers, glass clinkers and connoisseur-like-kind, they all love to listen, they love the fairytale, all the fantasy that is wine… Here at Lucky Rock Wine Co., we are winemakers by trade, and yes, we agree, it is way more fun to talk about the whimsical world of winemaking, rather than the beast that is wine sales.

Hard at Work- For Love, Not Money

But wait… isn’t this America? Don’t we want the raw, real, rough and tumble truth?

Don’t we want the hard-hitting, hard work homage to the American Dream? That self-made sort of story all about drudging toward your dream, digging your claws in, day in and day out, until that dream is realized?

Nope, not anymore, especially not in the wine business… We want the same spoon-fed story, you know the one about the glory that is plucking gorgeous grapes from the vine, and transforming them in to divine, decadent, and often over-priced, wine…

That’s cool. You can find that story, on repeat, really, anywhere, and everywhere, but elsewhere…  

Over here at Lucky Rock, we’ll just be spitting the real shitty, real gritty, All-American truth, hoping that a few of you may dig our blue collar battle for a bite of this wine industry pie… One sale at a time…

Today, a man on a radio show mentioned instant gratification. He said that it has replaced the power of foresight, amongst most of us. We agree, that seems to be true. Sales takes a bit of grit and requires, often, being okay with delayed gratification.

Growing up, shall we say, poor, was awesome for us. We didn’t have to worry about getting the shit all the other kids might get because, frankly, there wasn’t really any chance of us getting it. Basically, we didn’t really have a whole lot of instant gratification. What we got instead, was an opportunity to accept what we did have, or in most cases, what we didn’t have. We were not always ecstatic about our circumstances, but those circumstances did light a fire under our asses. From the get-go, we have had a passion to kick some ass in life. Not in the well-defined, calculated way. More in the ‘screw that, I’m doing what I can to rung up a little’ kind of way. Some might say, we developed foresight, a vision, a long-term plan for making our future just a little bit brighter. So, today, we use that foresight to run our business. We work hard. We use what we got, we accept what we don’t. We get up and at ‘em every day, and we do our best to kick some ass all along the way. And most of all- we wallow in a huge pile of DELAYED gratification. 

Sales trip, bag in hand.

So, tying that all back to sales... that shiz is tough.

Planning, organizing, traveling, building relationships (usually one-sided) and peddling around our Pinot (and Sauv B.). So, I beg you think, for a second, less about how the wine got in the bottle, and think more about how that bottle got in your hand. Sales. Pride swallowing sales.

Mind blown? No? Fine. At least, maybe, you have a little more of a perspective.

Grapes make wine (buy it here), hard work makes success (see it here).


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