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February 18, 2020


One of our favorite things about taking the reins and kicking the stuff out of the stuffy wine business is we get to be real people. Wine is, basically, fermented grape juice - that's all. It's the drink of Kings and Queens and peasants alike. Food is the same! Sure, you can eat a $100-per-plate dinner, but you can also, make some damn fine food at home. Lucky Rock Wine Co. is akin to our food equivalent: THE FOOD TRUCK. See here for more about Lucky Rock and where we got our philosophy. 

Not that we don't appreciate a taco truck, but that concept can be polished up a bit. Throw some new paint and branding on a taco truck, and BOOM, you have a 'FOOD Truck.' A food truck specializes in a particular dish or a specific location in Mexico or the world somewhere and puts a personal touch on it.
Fine-er food, anywhere. Here is an excellent resource for finding a food truck (or taco truck).


1. Can Move Wherever the Party Is; Party on!

    Brick and mortar restaurants are at the mercy of their location. Even if you hire a catering restaurant, they still need to mobilize the infantry to get the job done, which equals higher cost and less convenience.

    2. Aren't Bogged Down by Huge Overhead

      Brick and mortar locations are terrific, but they are expensive to lease, and there are the other costs that you will see in plain sight next time you go – like the chairs and tables for seating.

      3. Can Experiment- Try the Lengua

        Food Trucks are versatile - you can always request specific dishes if you hire a Taco Truck to come to your location, and the menu changes often based on what is in season. Here is a themed food truck we love and have worked with, Jams Joy Bungalow. Themed, yes, but with an ever-changing menu.

        4. Casual Dining + Lower Cost + High-Quality Food = LOVE

          Much like Lucky Rock Wine Co., with a food truck, you can get high quality at a lower cost as well as enjoy it without worrying about that stain on your shirt from enjoying a little too much. It happens.

          5. High Focus

            Food Trucks often have a theme, even if it is a restaurant with a catering arm. They will pick the favorite elements from the restaurant and extend it to their food truck. Stick with the winners. Catering on Wheels.


            1. No Bathroom!

            Aaron, my brother, has a sensitive stomach. Imagine 'classic taco truck.' That's probably all you need to know to get the picture.

            2. Often BYOB

            Here is a link  to some legal examples of cans and can't dos with a food truck. We don't envy them and the rules that they must abide by when serving booze. There are ways, but it is a pain. That's where Lucky Rock comes in- AND with a screw cap. That wasn't an accident.

            To Wrap It Up-

            So, make a promise this year to stand around outside eating more delicacies from food trucks (c'mon, try the lengua) – and drinking our wine with it. Unless you're like my brother, you won't regret it (and if you are like him, find a truck close to a gas station, public library, or something).


            A little can deal for you...

            Check out our wine in a Can!

            We wrote this blog a while ago. But recently we released a canned Sauvignon Blanc, a perfect 250 ml format for you to take to your favorite food truck and sip on inconspicuously. If you order from us, the shipping is included.



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