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March 27, 2020

In Regard to Good Vitis on Lucky Rock


Frankly, I am always a little cautious when the opportunity to be interviewed by writers whose opinions are highly regarded by the wine business. My brother, Aaron, and I have been, at times, misunderstood over the years. Great wine isn't always enough to compensate for the retaliation for our harder edge and slightly smash-mouth/gorilla marketing. 

That said, Aaron Menenburg, of Good Vitis, did take the time to try our Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. After some back and forth, he said ‘Screw it, we’ll see how this pans out.’ I was prepared for his potential dismissal of our brand, imaging his perspective to be 'This will be interesting- another 'here today, gone tomorrow' brand that is made with bulk wine and put in a hip package.' We can't blame him for that- it's a big part of the world we live in now.

At Lucky Rock Wine Co., we tend to use big words, buttressed with your everyday blue collar curse words- love it or hate it. Regardless of our vernacular, we are passionate about making wine, and people pick up on that authenticity when they interact with the brand. Our customers become full on supporters after only having to pay $22 dollars for a kickass Pinot Noir or $17 dollars for a daisy of a Sauvignon Blanc. We'll take the "92 points. Value: A+," all day long, however, when we receive acknowledgement of our perspective and the accompanying respect that rides shotgun…. validation!Respect back.

We want to give a big shout out to Good Vitis for taking the time to interview us, but also for getting a blog focused on Lucky Rock up so quickly. Considering the current circumstances facing every small business, Mr. Meneburg’s post interview shout out promoting our new Sauvignon Blanc release, and general Quarantine sale, was really fucking awesome!

Please make your way over to his blog and have a read. See below for a snippet from the Good Vitis post:

Try this Wine: Killer $22 Pinot

...I’ll be completely open about my own experience with Lucky Rock. I’d never heard of it until Jesse contacted me, and after looking at the website and Instagram I set myself up for disappointment. The sauvignon blanc was solid, maybe even good, but the pinot noir blew me away. The reality is that Lucky Rock is a legitimate winery that punches above its price point.

They’re able to do that because they take advantage of economies of scale built into their business model. They make a lot of...


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