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Romancing the Vine

June 23, 2020 3 min read

Romancing the Vine

Romancing the Vine

A book and it's cover:

Okay, We may wear trucker hats, have beards and curse a lot, but we at Lucky Rock (all 3 of us) are hopeless romantics. In that sense, we are rebels. We refuse to take the little things for granted. Instead, we celebrate the smallest of joys with every breath we take. This is integral to who Aaron and I are as winemakers.

If you’re anything like us, you know that most businesses use sales and hype to make their product seem romantic and alluring. In actuality, many of these products are exactly the same as everything they compete against. Instead of talking about real people, these companies talk about “consumers” and “prospects.” That’s not what we’re here to do- thanks anyway Edward Louis Bernays (the 'Father of Public Relations'- think 'tricking women into thinking smoking was a sign of strength, cooping the women's suffrage movement...' I digress and need to take a shower)

winemakers with tattoos

Why are you here?:

One of the reasons my brother and I were drawn to wine so many years ago was because of the romantic nature of winemaking. Like matters of the heart, you need to truly understand wine in order to bottle it- it's business, but we love it.

When we got into wine over 14 years ago- we thought we had to play the same wine country, fancy, straight laced cover story that everyone else was. As we grew as winemakers and men, we became more confident in our skin. We started Lucky Rock in 2013 and decided there would be no bullshit involved (maybe some of the good kind). We would make our own wine, bottle our own wine, and package our own wine - no shortcuts (well, not many). Instead of covering our labels with flowery descriptions, we’re here to give it to you straight- a fucking snake-  one that, if it's not comfortable in its skin...it sheds it.

Vineyards, white wine and Lucky Rock

Getting Romantic:

There’s something about wine that is different. If you have ever been out in a vineyard, in a winery during harvest, or in the cellar deep in a cave, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The French have the term “terroir.” Such a small word, used to express so much. It speaks to the magic of a small grape seed sprouting from the rich soil found in a green vineyard. The essence of the land is translated into the grape and, therefore, into the wine. I have heard this expressed as “Earth Energy”- it works for me.

Like every breath you take, every sip of wine is new yet oddly unfamiliar. It’s a sip you can never take again, because each sip stands on its own. Much like you can never stand in the same river twice. Every day that an unopened bottle sits on the shelf, it naturally changes in the most subtle and delightful of ways. At each moment in time, the wine is going through a quiet process of evolution. Even the wine in the bottleneck is different from the wine at the base of an unopened bottle, even if only ever-so-slightly.

Once you open that 750ml of bottled love, the change begins to accelerate… now it is blooming and opening up. Every swirl unlocks more aromas until finally it is over the hill (assuming you drink too slow). Then, the wine is no longer wine. It’s closer to something my mom abandoned for use as cooking wine.

What I want to tell you is to enjoy every sip. You’ll never have that one again, or that one, or that one. If you open that bottle of wine today versus tomorrow, the wine, your mood, your meals, and your mouth will all be completely different than it would have been today. A good bottle of wine can be transformative- but you have to be open to it.

Get real:

Like a grand romance, wine is meant to be courted, not worshiped from afar. Let the romantic in you run free as you lift a glass of wine and make a toast to the potential we all have within us- to be overtly romantic. Fuck it, you only live once. 

Some wines are made to be admired from afar. Not ours. Because we believe in living every moment to the fullest, we make wines for drinking.

Don’t wait for a rainy day to open that bottle you’ve been saving. This is your life, go and open that goddamn bottle.


To the romance in wine.

Okay, I'm done now...

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