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August 24, 2019

Tattoos + Sonoma County = Love

We have been getting tattooed for a while over here at Lucky Rock Wine Co.

“Why?” you may ask.

Well, simply put, because we wanted to, and now it’s too late to turn back, so we embrace, enjoy and just keep adding ‘em on… and one thing is for sure, we sure aren’t lasering these bad boys off.

Lucky Rock Brand Tattoo from Faith Tattoo

Tattoos are like wine charms, or corkscrews… they are collectibles, very expensive, irreplaceable collectibles.

Many people love to ask us this always-obnoxious question… “What are you going to do when your 80 years old?” The answer is, “WHO CARES?!”

It seems like every day, we see more and more, ‘older’ looking people walking down the street with tattoos, and honestly, we just think that they are probably a little cooler, and a tad more interesting, than your average ‘old’ person… We imagine they have a story to tell, in large, because their tattoos are already telling it – their love for art, for their kids, their passions, prison time – whatever, you name it…

At Lucky Rock, we like to refer to our tattoos as “asshole filters.”

If you don’t want to talk to us because we have tattoos (which is rare), then, we probably don’t want to talk to you - so, thanks for helping with the vetting process.

On that note, we are proud to have seen two of our favorite local tattoo shops featured in the Sonoma Magazine/Press Democrat article, ‘Top 10 tattoo shops in Sonoma County,’ written by Shana Bull.

Big ups to our featured friends over at Faith Tattoo, in Santa Rosa, and Matchless Tattoo, in Sebastopol.

Justin Shaw, owner of Faith Tattoo, helped design the Lucky Rock Wine Co. label and has been tattooing both of us since we were 18 years old.

Mike Pritchett, owner of Matchless Tattoo, is responsible for many of Jesse’s tattoos, and is a stellar on the canvas AND the skin!

If you are in the area, and in the market for a new tattoo, we highly suggest you go get inked by either, or both, of these two dudes… Don’t know what to get?! We hear the Lucky Rock picaxe is getting pretty popular…


Have a look at Shana's article here

Buy some wine here

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