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June 29, 2021

Who the F**k is Lucky Rock?!


What makes Lucky Rock stand out in a sea of generic wine brands?

This question of identity and differentiation is something that most businesses should evaluate. What brand characteristics stand out in the infinite sea of wine brands — of all shapes and sizes? Even wineries that historically stood out as the best wines are now tossed in with the rest (and beers, and spirits, and seltzers).

So, what makes Lucky Rock special? Is there anything that makes us unique? Why should you, the consumer, even care?  We want to get real with ya...

To answer the question, “Who the f**k is Lucky Rock?” it’s important to understand, “Who the f*&k Lucky Rock is not”.

Are we a winery?

Kind of but not in a conventional sense. Most wineries that people think of own their vineyards or production space. That is not the case for us. Lucky Rock is a virtual wine brand which allows us to save on costs. Basically we rent space to make our wine...we own some tanks, our barrels, etc...but we rent the roof, so to speak. And guess what!? We’re not the only virtual wine brand! Check out this blog for a list of other badass virtual brands.

racking wine at the winery

Are we a food truck?

No, but we’d sure love it if “The Man” would let us sell wine out of a truck.I can just picture us pulling up somewhere, selling some wine and snacks, moving place to place —  like an adult ice cream truck? We’d park next to our favorite taco truck and deal a little libation with the carne asada. Aaaahh goals. Unfortunately, this little dream of ours is tough with all of the laws and stuff. So instead we use the food truck as a reflection of our unpretentious nature. Lucky Rock is what the food truck is to the fine-dining word (but in the wine industry). Unpretentious and straight up awesome.

Are we a tattoo brand?

Tattoos are a big part of our culture. But do you have to have tattoos to drink Lucky Rock? Hell no.Are we the tattoo artist’s preferred alcohol brand? Probably not. (See “Sailor Jerry”) That doesn’t mean tattooed people don’t drink wine. Many of our friends drink wine and so do we...tattoos and all! The thing is that more often than not, the wine industry encourages you to hide your tattoo under a collared shirt or long sleeves. To that we say “f*&k that” and proudly wear our marks on our sleeves AND on our label. 

 Lucky Rock Tattoo


So after all of that, you may be asking, “well, who the f*&ck are ya?”.  The answer is simple and complex at the same time.

Lucky Rock is a vibe...a feeling...a sense of exploration and disregard for the status quo. We are the idea that wine is supposed to be tasty, affordable AND a part of the fun. Maybe a $100 Napa Valley wine doesn’t belong on a hike, at a pool party, or in a cocktail, but our wine does. Lucky Rock says to hell with all the pretension, snobbery, exclusivity, and over-the-top aesthetic bullsh*t. We’re not about spending $60+ on crystalline glasses, fancy decanters and expensive wine classes. It’s the simpler things in life that appeal to us.

Lucky Rock is about having fun without sacrificing quality. How do we do that? By finding the best vineyards we can and blending them up to get the best quality of each vineyard — while keeping our overhead low (e.g. renting space vs. building a winery).  We put our wine in kegs allowing Lucky Rock to be in less formal places — poured into carafes and growlers. We put our wine in a can to make the highest quality canned wine out there. We want our wine to go wherever you are and to be enjoyed in places you wouldn’t normally enjoy wine. In addition, we have created a ‘Prospecting Series’ on wine, a nod to our gold mining heritage, where we discover the best vineyards and make a unique wine every season. This helps keep our winemaking spirit alive by trying new methods, varieties and locations. Even though it’s a challenge to create a new wine every season, we do it because it’s fun and is something our customers look forward to every year.

Lucky Rock is about making wine unpretentious while still delivering high quality. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a wine expert to enjoy wine. Knowing a little more than the average joe can make wine way more enjoyable, but is not necessary. That is why we started our YouTube program: to have fun, tell stories, experiment, and make wine education a little less dull. Are you curious? Check us out here! 

So, when it comes to wineries, wine brands, and wine itself...does vibe matter? Does anybody care about the informal identity and the idea of wine made with “intention not pretension”?

We sure do. And we hope you do too! We promise to keep pushing this rock uphill for as long as we can. 

Do you want to help Lucky Rock Wine push on forward? Join our mailing listand come hang with us. It’s more fun updating the wine world together!


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