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5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Wine Chill...with Wine Cubes!

April 13, 2021 3 min read

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Wine Chill...with Wine Cubes!

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Wine Chill...with Wine Cubes! 

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Why use wine cubes?

In this post, we’ll be sharing our super easy “wine cubes” hack to keep your glass of white wine chilled from your first sip down to the closing guzzle. By the end, you’ll be wondering why the heck you didn’t think of it in the first place!

Basically, this idea is clutch because once your glass of wine is warm, it is nearly impossible to get it cold again. But, plop a couple wine ice cubes in your glass and you keep that bad thang chill for longer than it takes to drink it.  It sounds easy, and it is, but there are a few details worth knowing. Read on my thirsty friends.

We’ll use the example of hosting a party to illustrate our wine cube hack. However, this hack also comes in handy when chilling at home (pun intended) with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or occasional Tinder date. 

Keeping a tray of these bad boys in the freezer to keep your Lucky Rock Sauvignon Blanc chilled while the two of you devour a few episodes of ZeroZeroZero is sheer brilliance!

Canned wine sitting on coals
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Wine Cube Steps

Step 1: A bit of simple math

First determine how many “wine cubes” you will need for your backyard festival. Your standard ice cube tray holds about 1 ounce in each well. Average ice cube trays have a total of 16 wells. A standard bottle of wine is 750ml or ~25 ounces. So, here you have the ole 6 hot dogs and 8 buns conundrum! We’ll leave it up to you to solve this brain buster.

Step 2: Like with Like 

Buy duplicates of the wine(s) you want to serve and use the spare(s) to create your wine cubes. This will ensure the wines taste pure. However, if you really want to get crazy and add Pinot Noir to your Chardonnay...you do you you crazy a**hole! 

We personally drink red wine year round and a glass of red on the back patio is hard to beat. It does suck a bit when the wine is warm. If you’re not too traditional because you value experience over appearance - wine cube up some red wine for your glass of red on the porch. Problem solved!

Step 3: Fill it up

Fill the tray wells with wine. You can do this quick and dirty, spilling wine all over the counter and outside of the wells or you can take it sloooow and steady. If you decide to fill the wells neatly, we recommend pouring some wine in a measuring cup and using a turkey baster to fill the individual wells. A fun way to add some excitement to your wine cubes is to employ molded ice cube trays – skulls, hearts and snowflakes should really set it off! 

Step 4: Easy part

Place the tray(s) in the freezer for 4-6 hours before you want to employ their services. Full disclosure - the neoprene ice cube molds sometimes need a little more freeze to get them completely solid. Otherwise, you have a wine slushy cube and that works too. 

Here’s an interesting fact for ya - did you know that wine is roughly 85% water? Components such as alcohol, phenolics, acids, and others up the remainder of this liquid symphony. 

Step 5: Enjoy

Pour yourself a well-deserved chilled glass of wine and pop your “wine cubes” right in there. Now you can chat your friend’s head off for a good 30 minutes while your wine stays an enjoyable temp. Cheers!

Red wine by the pool with Ice Cubes.

There you have it. A simple way to keep your wine chilled on a warm day. At Lucky Rock Wine Co., we pride ourselves on remembering to breathe deeply while not taking ourselves too seriously. It is this mindset that facilitates adding wine ice cubes to our wine. Be sure to stay tuned for more simple, practical and unpretentious wine hacks from the crew at Lucky Rock Wine Co.!

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