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2019 Pinot Noir| Top 10 Stellar West Coast Pinot Noirs for $30 or Less

January 17, 2022 1 min read

2019 Pinot Noir| Top 10 Stellar West Coast Pinot Noirs for $30 or Less

We love it, they loved it.

We like to pretend we don't care about press... Then, we get good press. What a conundrum. Strange how that works. Once again, the Wine Spectator has given us a big shoutout and named us in their top 10 list. This time, however, it was for our 2019 County Cuvée Pinot Noir. And this time, the praise comes from Tim Fish and Kim Marcus, who have included us in their “Top 10 Stellar West Coast Pinot Noirs for $30 or less” list. Here is a quick synopsis from the article:

“Features direct red fruit and berry aromas and flavors, with a minerally snap. Well-knit and amply spiced on the broad finish. Drink now through 2024. 3,092 cases made.”

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It’s always nice to be recognized, especially by one of the more prominent wine publications out there. And two times in a row? For both types of wines that we make, to boot.  We’re chuffed! The article once again proves that our Pinot Noir:

  1. Is high quality without being high price-tag (Quality for price)
  2. Is akin to Pinot Noir from California and Oregon- stylistically speaking.
  3. Is just a little more badass than our running mates'- see snake labels and our classy use of cursing.

If you want to read the full article click here. It is subscription based, but Wine Spectator creates some great content so you may want to subscribe.