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9.5/10 DrinkHacker Review

June 11, 2019 1 min read

9.5/10 DrinkHacker Review

Review: 2017 Lucky Rock Pinot Noir County Cuvee

Lucky Rock Wine Co. is the brainchild of two brothers, “raised by gold-mining parents, who grew up traveling via bus from mining claim to mining claim.” Now they’re making wine, with one bottling under their belt to date. Lucky Rock’s Pinot Noir County Cuvee is a blend from three different parts of California, breaking down as follows: 56% Vista Verde Vineyard – San Benito County, 24% Morelli Lane Vineyard – Sonoma County, and 20% White Sage Vineyard – Monterey County.


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Let’s give it a try!

Wow, this is a surprisingly well-rounded pinot, tempered in its Burgundian earthiness and heavy on the black and red fruit, with notes of cherry and currants both in effect. Floral notes courtesy of a violet character add a feminine side, while a dusting of spice provide a more serious edginess. The wine bounces between these two worlds, eventually coming to rest on a surprisingly serious note, though its fruity core lingers. A great value given the quality in the bottle.

A / $20 / luckyrockwineco.com