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Lucky Rock does it again! 90 pts scores Planet Grape Wine Reviews

April 28, 2021 1 min read

Lucky Rock does it again!  90 pts scores Planet Grape Wine Reviews

We love being loved. Sometimes we don’t agree with reviews on our wine (you can see our views on wine ratings here) but most of the time professional tasters do appreciate our wines. This time, the props come from Catherine Fallis, MW, and her publication Planet Grape Reviews.

Now Planet Grape reviews is very cool publication that is totally after our own hearts. Not only is it’s motto “Bringing Wine Down to Earth”, which we are totally down for, but it is also America’s first female led wine review. Catherine herself is the world’s fifth female Master of Wine (MW), which is the most challenging wine certification to attain (even more difficult than the Master Sommelier) and basically means she really knows her stuff.

Planet Grape Wine Review delivers short, non-technical reviews for regular people. So, without further ado, check out what she has to say below:

2019 Lucky Rock Wine Co. Pinot Noir  Monterey San Benito Sonoma California USA  90

14.3%, 750 ml, $22

See What the "Hype" is About

Slender, tart and dry with notes of raspberry, cherry, pink rose, cedar and mushroom.



2020 Lucky Rock Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc  Sonoma California USA 90

13.2%, 750 ml, $17

Try this Sauv Blanc

Light, subtle, fresh and dry with notes of lime, apricot, peach, cantaloupe, basil and lemongrass.


2020 Lucky Rock Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc (cans)  Sonoma  California USA 88

13.3%, 250 ml, $6.99

Pick up a Six-pack!

Light, crisp and tart with notes of peach, honeydew melon, celery leaf and dill. 250ml can.



To get more unpretentious wine reviews, check out:  http://planetgrapewinereview.com/