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Lucky Rock Sauv Blanc Featured in Boheme North Bay!

July 21, 2021 1 min read

Lucky Rock Sauv Blanc Featured in Boheme North Bay!

The canned wine revolution is upon us!

And, while we certainly were not the first to adapt the wine can, we continue to promote the can lifestyle and show people that high-quality canned wine is here to stay. 

Just recently, we were featured in the North Bay Bohemian's (Boheme) article "Can Do- North Bay's Best Canned Wines" by Brooke Herron, along side our brothers in Crime Chris Christiansen and Maker wines & West and Wilder. Turns out Sonoma County not only has great wines, but great canned wine brands as well. 

A quote from Brooke [and her step-father who was also part of the tasting committee]:

"Light, bright, and refreshing... So much nicer to sip on a hot day while playing bocce...plus I don't have to waste half of a $40 bottle"

Read the full article here

Boheme Best canned wines- North Bay Bohemian

(FYI horses normally run TO our wines, not away from)

Thank you! That is exactly why we produce wine in a can along side our regular bottlings- we're stoked people are understanding the utility of canned wine. It's crushable, portable, and affordable. Drink one and don't feel bad the next morning (but, drink three, and we can't help you there. That's a whole bottle of wine, friend).

Something also mentioned in the article by Brooke, there is  a distinct environmental benefit to using cans. It's something we don't talk about as much, but it is true. Lighter packages--> less emissions---> happier Earth!   


Thanks for reading and if you want some of the wine mentioned in the article Click Here