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The “Chino Noir" Wine Cocktail

August 07, 2020 2 min read

The “Chino Noir" Wine Cocktail

The “Chino Noir" Wine Cocktail

Created by the G’s at La Luna Mezcal

On the heels of the Lucky Peach cocktail we are at it again showing off a the not-so-promoted side of wine- wine cocktails.

This wine cocktail features Lucky Rock Pinot Noir. This one, aptly titled “Chino Noir” (get it? Like Pinot) comes to us from the skilled mixologists, craftspeople and all-around Gs at La Luna Mezcal. Not gonna lie, we have a bit of a weakness for this smokey libation, or as we call it “tequila’s more serious older brother.”

Once it is combined with some fresh ingredients and topped with the smoothness and richness of the Lucky Rock Pinot Noir, it takes on a new life as your perfect nightcap. If this drink doesn’t make you “howl at the moon”, La Luna style we don’t know what will. 

La Luna line up


Here’s what’cha gonna need:

1.5 oz of La Luna Cupreata

.75 oz Meyer lemon juice

.50 oz Chamomile Syrup (peep this recipe to make some)

1-2 drops Floraluna Coffee, Cacao & Peppercorn Bitters ( or mess around with your own combos. It’ll be our secret)

.75 oz of Lucky Rock Pinot Noir. You can do .50 oz if you want your drink to be not as good…

So let’s get the show on the road and make this thing!

  1. Drop the La Luna Mezcal, Meyer lemon juice, Chamomile Syrup, and your bitters into a shaker tin.
  2. Add some ice chunks.
  3. Shake it like a polaroid picture!
  4. Pour into glass, for best results strain out the ice.
  5. If you strained out the ice, top it off with unspoiled, virgin ice. If you didn’t, you’re a rebel so just keep on being you, alright?
  6. Top it off with the Lucky Rock Pinot.
    1. Remember, if you use a bar spoon to layer the wine on top, you get style points. If you don’t… you should still mix the drink up before drinking so you’ve saved yourself the effort and are a practical hombre.
  7. Maybe swag it up with a blood orange slice or a chamomile flower or sumthin’. We think its just perfect as is
  8. Enjoy!


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