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The best damn
Sauv Blanc out there!

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Citrus +
Tropical Fruits

3 Cans =
1 Bottle

1 Can = 1.4
6oz Glasses

"Take your ascot off and pick up a can of damn good wine!" -Unnamed Winemaker

Unique Cali Style, High Quality Wine

Sometimes judging a can by its cover is ok

The Inman brothers use their 14 years of winemaking experience to make the best possible Sonoma Sauv Blanc and put it into a can that reflects their blue-collar upbringing and love for tattoo art.

The Perfect Amount of Wine.

1.4 glasses of wine per can

Ever drank the entire bottle and felt the "side effects" the next morning? Pair our can with some great takeout and your favorite Netflix series, and you have yourself a recipe for a great Monday night. Sans regrets...

Goes Wherever Life Takes You.

For the explorer in all of us

Take this can mountain biking, bungee jumping, skydiving, or just chillin' in your backyard. The options are endless. Have one on top of Mount Everest, just send us the pics!

Behind the Can

Meet the Winemakers

To say brothers Jesse & Aaron Inman had an unconventional upbringing is an understatement. As kids of gold miners, moving from mining claim to mining claim has taught them the value of hard work and humility. Later in life, working for their uncle at August Briggs taught them the craft of fine winemaking. Lucky Rock Wine Co. is a union of quality and affordability, aiming to bring fine wines with a blue-collar vibe and a price that doesn't break the bank.

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