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Our once-a-year release of a limited production, handcrafted, single vineyard expression- thoughtfully selected from California's diverse growing regions. Journey with us from the likes of the Napa Valley for her powerful Cabernet to Mendocino's balanced expression of Grenache while we assist you in keeping drinking wine fun (and tasty)!


Do you have a sense of adventure? Would you have been a thrill-seeking gold miner striking out for California riches in 1849? The Prospecting Series embodies our sense of adventure in the wine business - you reap the benefits by discovering new and delicious wines to pair with your adventures in life. 


The Winemakers
Aaron and Jesse Inman  - Elbowed their way into the wine industry, but grew up in a gutted school bus hopping around Northern California's gold mines. They've learned how to make killer wine over the last 15 + years, and enjoy the fine pleasure of a tattoo needle. 

Label Artists
Paul Dobleman and Frankie "Death Cloak" Caraccioli are well-respected industry vets themselves, it just happens that the industry is tattoo. Lucky Rock is stoked to have these two talented artists co-labbing on a different look and feel to our label every vintage, starting with our 2021 Malbec, from Sonoma County.