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Transcript: EP 5: Hot Dog vs Vino

- All right, Jesse, what are we doing today? - Roasting wieners and more wieners. Hello and welcome. I'm Jesse Inman. This is another episode of Celler Rats Into Seller Rats - And I'm Macho Man Aaron Savage. - We're gonna tackle another topic of no importance to anybody about a food that is not important to anybody except for me. - In true 4th of July fashion, we are gonna focus on the cholesterol catalyst known commonly as a hot dogs. - We paired it with a selection of vinos. - Red, white, and rose. - 'Merica! ♪ Yeah ♪ - We're gonna get going with the wines. We're gonna be tasting 2017 Chateau St. Jean Sauvignon Blanc from California. Then a 2019 Vin Gris from here in Chino. And then we've got a 2018 Dry Creek Zinfandel from Mazzocco. - Famous backyard barbecue wine. Little sauvignon blanc. - So this is a small, massive winery called Chateau St. Jean. It's in Valley of the Moon. It's owned by Treasury Wine Estates out of Australia. - Fourth largest. - Fourth largest wine company in the world. I said the world. - What is the price point on this? - It's just $13. So it's actually really moderately priced. - It's missing a little brightness. It's kind of a little wet doggy. - They are so proud of it that they didn't put it on their website. So we don't know actually know how many cases of this they've made, but I'm gonna make a guess- - Mucho - One million. Yeah, it's got like, the fruit's there, but it's more like, like you muddled the citrus fruit. - It's still crisp and clean and nice. It's still sauvignon blanc for sure. But he doesn't have that pizzaz that you really want. That nice cleanness but- - It's a little, it's a little soft. I like a little more zip on my sauvignon blanc. - And one thing I was noticing too. Like this one has a complete full cork. This is a called a one plus one. It's two discs on each end of a composite cork. It's kind of ground up, glued back together. Usually it's less expensive, but you're not gonna get a corked wine. - There's actually a little bit of orange blossom in there as well. - Yeah. - We're gonna go into the 2019 Birichino. I always thought of the name. I'm gonna call Alex and John who own Birichino and ask them how they actually pronounce it, 'cause I don't know, but I love the winery - Is Vin Gris, Vin Gris, Which means great wine. - 2019 great wine. - So it basically it put all the fruit in the press, press it off immediately. It's a little bit of skin contact. - When we were talking about the California on the sauvignon blanc, maybe the lack of transparency. This is California, I believe, but with actually a lot of transparency. - Yeah, it's got a full, large. - Tells you where all of the grapes came from, vineyards. It's 55% Grenache, about 27% Mourvèdre, 8% Vermentino. And I believe - Cinsault. - 8% Cinsault. - Which is my least favorite variety in the entire world, but it can be really good if done well in a rose. Tutti frutti. - It's Tutti Frutti, like, but also a little bit of violet's in there, like kind of dried floral violets. But some definitely some Jolly Rancher watermelon, which is pleasant. - Yeah, in a good way. I think we had a wine a couple episodes ago that was tutti frutti but it was like thick and rich. And this one's like crisp, clean, nice. The way you want a rose. - And actually finishes with floral, like a very floral back palette. It's good acidity. - What's the price point on this one? - It was $19. - Yeah, so this is, I mean, it's our jam. We're trying to find good wines at good prices. 'Cause why would you overspend for a wine? It's like, nah. - Sub 25 is where a lot of people are spending money. - Yeah, that's pretty good. - Yeah, I would have to say that that's pretty tasty, but I also tend to be a sucker for Southern France - Or just a sucker. - or just a sucker. Well, that was rude. Now we're gonna move into a 2018 Mazocco Dry Creek Zinfandel. - So everybody always pairs Zinfandel with barbecue. Sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn't. - It's like a, an amazing pick. - It's a high booze. People love to get hammered at a barbecue, get dead drunk and whatnot so. - God, you're embarrassing me. - I thought this was America, huh? Is this America? - No. - Zinfandel tends to raisin early even before it's ripe. So you get higher sugars which means higher alcohol. Mazzocco was bought in 2005 by the Wilson family. Not of the Beach Boys. - They make good wine for Wilson's in general. - They do. Mazzocco's a Zin house. And these guys really pride themselves on zinfindel because they are the only ones that I've ever seen at $150 Zinfandel on their website. - Wow, that's pricey. Maybe somebody can buy it for me. - It's definitely got some raisin but it's got a little bit of acid to back it up. - Blackberry, raspberry, little toffee. A lot of times you'll see American Oak used on - 'Merica ♪ Yeah ♪ - Used on Zinfandel and kinda marry fairly well. As long as you don't abuse it. - And a little bit of residual sugar typically because the alcohol gets so high that the yeast basically kill themselves. They can't ferment any more sugar because the alcohol is so high and they even with all the sugar in there. But that can help round out the alcohol. - and that, the finish on this is not complex at all, in a great way though. It tastes like a maraschino cherry had sex with a vanilla bean. And it's exploding all over my back palate. I don't know if you're allowed to say that on camera? - I don't know but I'm turned on. - Yeah. - People talk about complexity in wine all the time and oh, the layers and layers. There's no layer on that back end of that at all, but it is delicious. ♪ Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog ♪ - Let's see how it tastes. with the hot dog. - Last time we tried tacos with wines that are double the price of Lucky Rock. This time we're gonna try hotdogs with some affordable wines. - So we started off the tasting with Nathan's. - Classic. - Less expensive. Let's see how she holds up next to sauvignon blanc. I'm gluten free so I have bread because I went to two stores, no gluten free buns. - Let me play your sad song for you on the world's, smallest violin. - You know how you know somebody is gluten free? - They talk about it. - They tell you about it. - Neutral, so far. Need a second. - It tastes like wine and a hot dog. It doesn't taste bad. - It doesn't taste like hot dog water, so that's good. - Mm-hm - But - Chocolate starfish. - It's like totally. I mean, it kind of goes back to the taco thing. Good, bad neutral. This is pretty neutral. Like the acidity kind of cuts through, at least for me. The gluten- - I'd say, if you like wines and you like hot dogs, this is probably just fine. - Now we're gonna have some 2019 Birichino rosé with a common man's hot dog from Coney Island, Nathan's. - Wow, that makes it kind of weird. - Good? - I feel like rose's actually a tough pair. - Kind of muddles the flavors a little bit. I'm bummed because I liked the wine and this Nathan's actually, for a pedestrian hot dog, it's very good. - The classic Nixon. - But as a pairing, I would have to say no bueno. - Also no bueno is this gluten free bread. - Says everybody. Now a little Zinfandel from Mazzocco with a Nathan's hot dog. That's not bad. I like that. The cherry from the Zinfindel and the vanilla is like actually making this hot dog taste not disgusting. - So you're telling me that the old adage Zinfandel is a classic barbecue wine is holding true? - We're cliches. - I think all the acid in these too, screw with the whole situation and this is like," Hey, I'm fruit." Mm don't eat gluten free bread if you don't have to. - So just to recap, Nathan's hot dogs from Coney Island, 1930, pretty good with Zinfandel. Boom, thumbs up. - It sounds like everybody's going to do that around here. Birinchino, rose . And then, you know, the death star Sauvignon Blanc is actually, it's fine with the hotdog. Onto the high end, my friend. Alright, so now we're gonna taste the high end hot dog, Neiman ranch. If you've been fine dining, anywhere in California at least, your steak might've come from Neiman ranch. - And I am gonna postulate that this hot dog is gonna taste like the other hot dog, when it comes to pairing with wine. - Are you saying all hot dogs taste the same? - No, yes. - 2017 Chateau St. Jean Sauvignon Blanc. I feel like I've said that before. So this boutique winery's Sauvignon, Savi B, as some of the kids in the streets are calling it these days. - This goes better. - It does go better. This actually, and the French would love this, it has a little bit of this like flinty smokiness that you get from Sancerres. - I was gonna say but- - Yeah, I don't know what that means. But it does have a smoky kind of flinty quality that Sancerre classically can have. And it's brought out by the fancy hot dog. glad I guess. So hot dog mattered. - You can tell we grew up poor 'cause we talk with our mouth full. - All right. now gonna try the 2019 Birichino or however it's pronounced. Vin gris with the bougie dog. The Nathan's was a fail. This is like neutral. What's your opinion, sir? - How are you gonna hold up to ? - Now we're moving into the 2018 Mazocco Dry Creek Zinfandel. Please tell me I don't have any mustard on my face. 'Cause this was the big winner with the cheap, pedestrian. Nathan's hot dog, no offense Nathan's hot dogs. We basically, like I said earlier, are proving to cliche here that Zinfandel with kind of backyard barbecue food is, is nice. Make sure you drink plenty of water and maybe take some milk thistle for your liver, 'cause you're gonna get wasted 'cause Zinfindel's high alcohol, but they're darn good. The pairing that really stood out to me was the Neiman ranch hotdog with the Zinfandel. I always hate proving cliches, right? But in this instance, - We're contrarians here at Lucky Rock Wine Company, but it turns out it's true. America's wine and America's food go very well together. - Happy Fourth of July.