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Transcript Episode 2.5: Blooper Reel

Jesse Inman (00:18):

Hi, this is.

Simone Popov (00:20):

Cut. Cut. Okay. Welcome, welcome to Seller Rats.

Aaron Inman (00:25):

That was really sleepy or hated. We grabbed that too. And now we're going to taste it.

Jesse Inman (00:32):

Can we say (beep).

Aaron Inman (00:32):

Are we allowed to say (beep)?

Jesse Inman (00:32):


Simone Popov (00:36):

It's okay.

Aaron Inman (00:38):

My voice has been prepared. Hello.

Jesse Inman (00:47):


Simone Popov (00:48):

All right.

Jesse Inman (00:50):

Chair's a little squeaky bygones. Now we're going to take this. Can we say okay? Most people don't realize how important a menu is... what the (beep) were we talking about?

Jesse Inman (01:01):

Say you're walking down a grocery store wine aisle.

Aaron Inman (01:05):

I am right now, and then we're going to taste them and see if that outside matches up with the quality that's inside.

Jesse Inman (01:13):

Does the cover of the book match the content of the book.

Aaron Inman (01:18):

Do the drapes match the curtains? Is that what they say? No? Wrong industry?

Simone Popov (01:25):

What are we talking about today Jesse and Aaron?

Aaron Inman (01:29):

This is your part.

Simone Popov (01:31):

What are we talking about today, Jesse?

Aaron Inman (01:34):

Oh, dang. That's where I say okay.

Simone Popov (01:40):

What are we talking-

Aaron Inman (01:40):

You're right.

Aaron Inman (01:40):

Most of us like to actually like we don't juggle...

Simone Popov (01:41):


Aaron Inman (01:41):

First time.

Jesse Inman (01:41):

Pull yourself together.

Aaron Inman (01:49):

I'm the most beautiful person I know. Not true. So we came out peanut patch, a little limiting, single name. We wanted it to be a wine you could trust. That was kind of the motivation behind it was meant to look like, Hey, it's me Tom, I fix your car and (beep).

Jesse Inman (02:04):

Nobody talks like that.

Aaron Inman (02:07):

I'm totally not going to charge you way too much money for your ball bearings. I don't even know if those go in a car.

Jesse Inman (02:14):

I don't know.

Aaron Inman (02:14):

At the end of the day it not a cheap label but it looka nice.

Jesse Inman (02:17):

I don't think... I think that's racist.

Aaron Inman (02:19):

I'm part Italian so I'm pretty sure it's not.

Jesse Inman (02:21):

It's fine, it's fine.

Aaron Inman (02:22):

This is all the gold leaf that we were talking about with the August Briggs and with the... Actually I pointed over there, but I don't know where the hell it is. It's around here somewhere. 2015 Napa Valley Chardonnay. So it's going to be a really crisp, lean wine. No.

Jesse Inman (02:40):


Aaron Inman (02:41):

Cheers to you.

Jesse Inman (02:43):

It's good. It's good. It's Napa County. Chardonnay.

Aaron Inman (02:47):

You might expect a little bit, well if you're me. Thank God you're not. It was easy for me to pick this one. I mean, there were some that I really hated-

Jesse Inman (02:55):

This is our third take so you can see that there's a little wine [inaudible 00:02:58]

Aaron Inman (02:58):

There's some wine missing. But it's a substantial package.

Jesse Inman (03:06):

I'm having a hard time reading this, right or-

Aaron Inman (03:09):

Maybe you have writer's block.

Simone Popov (03:12):

That makes no sense. Can we please go back to the beginning of that.

Aaron Inman (03:16):

Have you been drinking all the time?

Simone Popov (03:19):


Jesse Inman (03:23):

But if I remember from take one, two and three this wine is pretty good. Everybody's got their own preference. Some people might hate them. Some people might love them. I don't care what you like. Just kidding I do.

Aaron Inman (03:32):

We do. We do. We're sensitive.

Jesse Inman (03:35):

I don't. I don't. If you liked it, push the like button and if you want to subscribe, push the subscribe button, otherwise you will never see us again.

Aaron Inman (03:45):

What was that? You couldn't hear us over the flush of the toilet.

Jesse Inman (03:47):

Bye bye.

Simone Popov (03:51):


Aaron Inman (03:51):

He didn't like that part.

Simone Popov (03:52):

Yeah just one more. Yeah.

Jesse Inman (03:56):

He's like yeah (beep).

Simone Popov (03:57):

Bye bye.

Aaron Inman (03:59):

If you want to find out more about Lucky Rock Wine company, please look us up on the web at ww bleh.

Aaron Inman (04:09):

If you're interested in finding out more about Lucky Rock Wine company, check us out on the international web www blub.

Simone Popov (04:17):

[crosstalk 00:04:17] don't say w w just say-

Jesse Inman (04:18):

They already know that part.

Jesse Inman (04:20):