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September 02, 2019

Go Fund Us & the San Francisco Examiner

Eight of the Best California Sauvignon Blanc Wines?

You might say we are thrilled, to death, to see our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc mentioned in the San Francisco Examiner article: Eight of the Best California Sauvignon Blanc Wines.

The Examiner has a reach of roughly 1 MILLION readers, and they gave all those readers a good reason to buy our wine, right there in their teasing line… “With so many good sauvignon blanc releases across the state, it’s difficult and subjective to select a few…”

2018 Sauvignon Blanc- San Francisco Examiner

Is it the hassle of shipping the wine? Are there too many brands? Are we too expensive at $17 and $22 a bottle? Do people like shitty, expensive wine more than good inexpensive wine, really? The other wines in the article ranged from $17 to $45 bucks, most being 2x our price. 

We think of every bottle you buy from us as a sort of GO FUND ME

for Lucky Rock Wine Co. We get to keep the business going, you get a bottle of delicious wine (white or red, you choose!). Sounds good, right?

People are always telling us how much they love our brand, and that "wine" needs something like us to help modernize the business, to represent the everyday wine drinker (sans white tablecloth). And, yet - even with a decent traffic flow to our website, we see only a small percentage sales conversions, actual purchases!

Hopefully this article helps those on the fence decide to GO FUND LUCKY ROCK! We love you either way, but even more if you FUND US.


See the SF Examiner article here.

Access the 2018 Sauvignon Blanc here

Access the 2018 (new release) Pinot Noir here



All the best,


Lucky Rock Wine Co.


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