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Lucky Rock Videos

Seller Rats Into Cellar Rats

Guess!That! [Wine] Price. Can Winemakers [us] tell the difference between cheap and expensive Pinot?

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Ep 15: Lucky Rock (Sauvignon Blanc) vs The World. Tasting of affordable SB's across the globe
Ep 14: The Winemakers Guide to Canned Wine: Can a canned wine be as good as a bottle?
Ep 13: The Winemakers Guide to Decanting
Ep 12: Clarifying "Clean Wine" and other commonly used Wine Buzzwords
Ep 11: Review the Reviews #1
Ep 10: Wine Hacks: Preserving Open Wine
Ep 9: Wine Vs Heat
Ep 8: The Cork Soakers
Ep 7: Celebs & Rosé
Ep 6: Lucky Rock(Pinot) vs The World
Ep 5: Hot Dog vs Vino
Ep 4: Tacos & Wine
Ep 3: Stories From the Road
Ep 2.5: Blooper Reel
Ep 2: Wine Labels. Judging a Book by its Cover
Ep 1: Where To Buy Wines During Quarantine

Randomly Randoms

Jesse explains the deal with the grapes.